International Digital Humanities Program at Ariel University

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The Humanities are the cornerstone of the university as an institution. For centuries, the Humanities have led academia in critical thinking and in-depth research of philosophical, historical, and social issues. The cultural, linguistic and philological ‘toolkit’ which characterizes Humanities’ research is invaluable. However, the Humanities in the last few decades have seen diminishing amounts of students, and Humanities alumni are left with fewer occupational opportunities. One way to counteract these difficulties is developing and expanding the new field of Digital Humanities. Digital tools do not only offer another set of skills to give to the students, but also expand the range of possibilities that the traditional ‘toolkit’ can offer. This innovative field combines advanced technological research, such as data mining, artificial intelligence, big-data, and social networks, with Humanities’ knowledge and skills.

The Digital Humanities one-year certificate program is meant to be a space of experimentation and collaboration for researchers of all levels in the humanities and social sciences. It is a place to engage with new methods of analysis, work with advanced computing and imaging tools and pose new questions or tryout a fresh outlook on various forms of data. Our main aims at the program will be historical study and analysis of textuality and materiality from the last 5000 years using state-of-the-art digital methods and tools. We are studying objects, peoples, and texts beginning in the ancient Near East all the way to the Modern Era. The program seeks to furnish the participating students with an almost personalized toolkit, based on some introductory courses and deeper dives into more specific topics and aspects of the field in the later stages. The program is targeted for students of all levels in Humanities.

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Program Staff: Dr. Shai Gordin (head of program); Prof. Itzhaq Shai; Dr. Amos Azaria; Dr. Lee-Ad Gottlieb; Dr. Gil Ben Artzi; Dr. Assaf Hoogi